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California is so beautiful and many years ago I tool a bunch of pictures of the beautiful landscaping they did in the Orange County and Laguna Beach area. Day 7 is a quick small pastel painting of some beautiful flowers I saw in the front of a building.


Due to a bad cold and a few other things I have gotten behind in my daily painting. I am trying to catch up but finding it is just causing me to rush with each painting. The good point of rushing is that it is getting me to learn how to paint faster. It is quite a learning curve. Here is my Day 6 pastel painting. I painted this from a photo my husband took while scuba diving.


I tried painting on toned pastel paper again.  I wanted to try painting an object without a lot of details so I could concentrate on simply applying the pastel and allowing the toned paper to be the dark or middle value of the painting. In this case I  used the toned paper to be the middle value of the tea cup. I tried to keep the color of the toned paper to show through for the middle value. It was a great learning experience. In the picture I have an extra piece of the toned paper peeking out from behind the painting so you can see the color of it.


Have you ever felt you had plenty of time to do all the things on your "to do" list but didn't fit in any padding for in case something  might take longer and throw the whole list off? Well, that happened to me  and the next thing I knew I had no time to do my painting for Day 4.   I was very disappointed but learned a great lesson  To paint was last on my list to do so when everything else took longer I ran out of time for the one thing I am trying so hard to make as a top priority in my life. I did my Day 4 painting but did it on Day 5 along with my Day 5 painting. It is a small pastel painting (4"x6") I did from a photo I took at Salt Pond in Delaware.  

Day 3 of 30x30 Painting Challenge

DAY 3 -      Bethany Beach Park Trail

DAY 3 -      Bethany Beach Park Trail

There is a wonderful park in Bethany Beach, Delaware full of trails and beautiful scenery. I took several photos of the scenery so I could paint them. This was one of my favorite trails that ended up at an inlet where you can see a lovely beach community across the water. 

For my 3rd day I decided to paint on a toned paper. I selected a medium olive tone paper. It took getting used to. I was so used to painting on a stark white paper. I want to paint a lot more on toned paper and lean the best techniques. It was fun to try and learn. The picture here is of the 4"x6" pastel painting with an extra piece of the toned paper I used under it.

DAY 2 of 30x30 Painting Challenge

My plan for today's painting was to paint something with an easy shape and not much details. I wanted to experiment with different techniques using the pastel sticks and pencils. Well, painting this apple turned out to be much harder than I thought. This is a small 4"x6" painting so it was hard painting small shapes and especially details. I learned a lot from doing this painting. I want to paint this again and to try not to focus so much on the details but more on the overall shape, shadows and values.

DAY 2 -    Crisp Apple

DAY 2 -    Crisp Apple